sábado, 9 de noviembre de 2013


Gauge 10 cm

Yarn pink 4.5 mm ( I used read heart)/ crochet hook 3 mm
Yarn white 3.5 mm/crochet hook 3mm

dc–double crochet
Hc-half crochet
sc–single crochet
st- stitch
k2tog- knit two stiches togueter

EARS (make 2)
Round 1: Chain 6 , work 6 dc in the same stich,  doublé crochet in ever st around (4), slip stich around 3 st  , 5 dc and join yarn with slip stich

Round 1: chain 7, work 5 dc in the same stich, 5 dc around 5 st, k2tog around 4 st , 5 dc around 5st and join
Round 2: k2tog around 6 st, 2 dc around 2 st, 3 sc around 3 st, k2tog around 4 st ( half crochet),3sc around 3 st, 2 dc around 2st, 1 dc in the next stich and join yarn with slip stich

For the top
Round 1:  one dc in each st for all round
Round 2: look the front of your shoes and mark with any color of yarn the middle then count 4 st in both directions and mark it (see the picture)
Dc and decrease in the red mark around 8 st, dc and join yarn with slip stich
Round 3: half crochet in each st all the round and join yarn with slip stich

To finish: slice shoe with pink yarn and make a bow in the front 

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